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Teen Dating Violence Awareness Exhibit: Submission Guidelines

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Exhibit: Submission Guidelines
November 29, 2017 Linda Davies

For Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, the Domestic Violence Center will host A Night of Expression, a mixed-media art exhibit. Participation guidelines are as follows:

All submitted pieces should be centered around the topic of Teen Dating Violence and bringing awareness to this issue. Your pieces may cover any aspect of Teen Dating Violence (i.e: types of abuse, the effects on the victim and/or family, recovery, or empowerment). The goal of the exhibit is to bring awareness to the community to demonstrate the pervasive reality of teen dating violence is among young people. It happens everywhere and has no boundaries on whom it affects.

Requirements for Each Category


  • Create a maximum 3-minute film that is centered around Teen Dating Violence.
  • Films must be in YouTube URL format for submission
  • Films should include at least one resource for domestic violence services


  • All photography submissions must be printed out by the photographer for display
  • Digital copies can be sent to the DVC youth advocate in digital form for approval
  • Photo Collages or groupings are acceptable
  • Submissions cannot be any larger than 3 FT x 3 FT


  • Artist is responsible for framing and/or preparing the piece for display.
  • Digital photos of the art pieces can be submitted for approval prior to the event
  • Collages or grouped paintings are acceptable if within the size requirements
  • Illustrations/paintings may not exceed 3 FT x 3 FT in size

Overall Rules for Submitted Pieces

  1. All submissions must include a brief description of their piece to display alongside the art piece/film. This must include the name and age of the artist as well as the title of your artwork.
    1. Artists who would like to sell their pieces can provide a sale price with their descriptions.
  2. No profanity or inappropriate images (i.e. nudity, extreme violence, etc.) permitted.
    1. Judges reserve the exclusion discretion to reject or disqualify submissions with malicious or inappropriate language.
  3. Submissions may be provided by an individual or a group (max. 5 people)
  4. Submissions open to all members of the Santa Clarita Valley and environs
  5. All submissions must be approved by a Domestic Violence Advocate to participate in the exhibit.

All submissions due February 16, 2018.

If you have any questions, please email Leah Parker at, or call her at 661-259-8175.

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