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Peer Counseling

Peer Counseling

All client interactions are based on the principles of peer counseling. All crisis line services, such as referrals, advocacy, and safety planning are conveyed using supportive peer counseling. Even if someone is calling for a specific referral, it does them a disservice to give the referral without empathy, concern for safety, respect, and emotional support. It is our job as peer counselors to listen with compassion and without judgment. Let the survivor tell the story at their own pace and listen to feelings and thoughts without interrupting, and without trying to “fix it”. Remain calm – fear is contagious, and many people in crisis have enough fear bottled up to last a lifetime.


If you are questioning something that is happening to you, call us at our 24-hour hotline (661) 259-HELP (4357), or non-emergency line (661) 259-8175 for confidential information and support.

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