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Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Your safety is important!


An advocate at the DVC will help you organize a detailed safety plan for home, work and in public. Until then, here are some safety tips you can keep in mind:

  • In the event of an emergency, call 911 (or your local emergency number) right away for help; get the dispatcher’s name
  • When the abuser is upset, stay away from the kitchen (the abuser can find weapons, like knives, there)
  • When the abuser is upset, stay away from bathrooms, closets or small spaces where the abuser can trap you
  • Get to a room with a door or window to escape
  • Get to a room with a phone to call for help; lock the abuser outside if you can
  • Think about a neighbor or friend you can run to for help
  • If a police officer comes, tell him/her what happened; get his/her name & badge number
  • Take pictures of bruises or injuries; get medical help if you are seriously hurt
  • Learn where to get help; memorize emergency phone numbers
  • Keep a phone in a room you can lock from the inside; if you can, get a cellular phone that you keep with you at all times
  • If the abuser has moved out, change the locks on your door; get locks on the windows
  • Ask your neighbors to call the police if they see the abuser at your house; make a signal for them to call the police, for example, if the phone rings twice, a shade is pulled down or a light is on
  • Get an unlisted phone number
  • Block caller ID
  • Take a good self-defense course

Many victims of domestic violence who choose to leave their abusive relationships may need a safe place to stay with their children. DVC provides domestic violence victims with access to emergency shelter and transitional housing. Women and children may stay in our confidential emergency shelter for up to 30 days.


If you are questioning something that is happening to you, call us at our 24-hour hotline (661) 259-HELP (4357), or non-emergency line (661) 259-8175 for confidential information and support.

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