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Step 3: Create An Escape Kit

When leaving the abuser, it is very important to remember to take important papers such as government-issued identification and birth certificates.

It may not be safe for you to return home for some time and these papers will be invaluable as you seek emergency shelter and/or new housing. The abuser may also destroy valuables or other sentimental items once you leave home. The type of items you may want to take include the following:

Daily Necessities

  • Medication
  • Keys – house, car, office, safe, garage, cabin, boat, motorcycle, etc.
  • Money: cash and coins. Enough for transportation, food and lodging for a few days. Your abuser will be able to trace you through credit card activity and may close/empty bank accounts before you can get to them or may be waiting for you at the bank.
  • Extra clothing for you and your children for all types of weather
  • Infant formula, diapers, etc.
  • Food
  • Telephone calling cards
  • Children’s toys, security blankets, stuffed animals
  • Current unpaid bills/copies of monthly bills
  • Personalized safety plan
  • Address books/calendars/appointment books
  • Public Assistance ID/Medicaid Cards

Important Documents/Paperwork

(originals or photocopies)

  • Government-issued identification for self and children
  • Birth/Adoption certificates for self and children
  • Social Security cards for self and children
  • Passports, green cards, work permits, visas
  • Insurance papers (car/health)
  • Order of Protection, police reports, restraining order
  • Bank books, checkbooks, safety deposit box key
  • Marriage, divorce or separation papers
  • Income Tax returns, pay stubs
  • Professional licenses, certificates, diplomas
  • Membership cards (trade unions, professional organizations, etc.)
  • Paternity papers, as necessary
  • School/vaccination records, dental records, clinic cards
  • Lease, rental agreement, or house deed
  • Car/mortgage payment book

Valuables/ Items of Sentimental Value

  • Sentimental items, photos
  • Jewelry
  • Small sellable items (TVs, cameras, computers, iPods, iPads, art, etc.)

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your Escape Kit.


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