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Fairy Festival 2017: Our Recap!

Fairy Festival 2017: Our Recap!
July 6, 2017 Linda Davies

The Fairy Festival this year was so much fun! Not only did Boy Scout Troop 228 provide a pancake breakfast alongside our board members, but we had face painting, a photo booth, and all kinds of wonderful supplies for attendees to make their fairy shelter.


The Fairy Festival, also known as the Fairy Berry Breakfast, was started by Linda Davies as an awareness campaign to remind the community that “Domestic violence is not a fairy tale”. Children and their parents are encouraged to create fairy homes using their own materials and that which is provided by the center. At the end of the morning, a lovely fairy comes to find which house would be the coziest to live in, and the houses are auctioned off to benefit the center.

This year’s celebration was slightly truncated due to prior obligations, but all the attendees had a wonderful time. See further coverage through KHTS, and we hope to see you at next year’s!

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